Enjoy our webinar on 5 Design Hacks to Turbo-Charge Early Product Development!

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Once you’ve watched the webinar, check out our three smart shortcuts for customer discovery below!

3 Smart Shortcuts
for customer discovery

Here are three shortcuts for you to try out on your own:

  1. The MVP Canvas
  2. Speed Interviews
  3. Habit Stories

Watch the videos, download the templates, and start turbo-charging your customer discovery TODAY. If you want more like this, schedule your free 15-min coaching session to discover if Getting2Alpha is right for you and your team.

Shortcut #1
MVP Canvas:
Think Like a Scientist

Shortcut #2
Speed Interviews:
Laser-Focus on Early Adopters

Shortcut #3
Habit Stories:
Capture Actionable Customer Insights

5 Habits of Breakthrough Innovators

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