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The future of work

I first learned about John Hagel in the late 1990s, when I was elbow-deep in community-building — working as a systems designer & UX leader on Ultima Online and eBay. One of my clients gave me John’s book, Net Gain: Expanding markets through virtual communities. It blew my mind and inspired me as I was writing my first book, Community Building on the Web. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know John better. He’s written many books since Net Gain exploded on the scene, and now runs the Center for the Edge at Deloitte, where he leads research efforts that reveal where business is headed next. Come hang out with us and discover what a leading business strategist thinks about the future of work – and the impact of lost trust on community and marketplace dynamics.

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About this episode

John Hagel is an author, a leading business strategist and a thought leader. He also leads research efforts to decide where business is headed next. We talked about how he got his start and where his career has taken him as well as what inspires him today.  

A glimpse into John’s daily work life 2:40

How John got his start in the Design and Tech world 14:15

John’s motivation for writing Net Gain 18:05

A deeper look into Johns Career 21:14

Mistakes that John Learned the most from 25:09

The challenges of working with Large corporations 28:04

The most common mistakes people make when bringing an idea to life 31:01

What is currently inspiring John 36:46

Johns super power 38:37