Schwark Satyavolu

The future of fintech

Schwark Satyavolu is a serial entrepreneur and early-stage investor at Trinity Ventures. After founding and growing several innovative startups in the fintech space – a journey that included a stint as an executive at Mastercard – Schwark is now building up the fintech practice at Trinity. His background as an entrepreneur makes him empathetic to the realities of what startup life is life — a great quality for an investor to have. I also loved hearing Schwark’s perspective on the future of crypto – because it comes from such a deeply informed perspective. Listen in and find out how this successful entrepreneur-turned-investor is shaping the next generation of fintech innovators.

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About this episode

I talked with Schwark Satyavolu about his life as an entrepreneur and his successes along the way. He also gave me his opinion on crypto currency and what his life is like now as a start-up investor.


A day in the life of Schwark 2:00

How Schwark got into tech 3:54

How he caught the attention of Citi Bank 7:35

His realization as an entrepreneur 11.20

Schwark’s back end statistical analysis 16:50

Schwark’s journey to his life today 18:32

Lessons he’s learned about successful innovation 22:00

Things he looks for when investing in a start up 23:52

Red Flags he looks for in entrepreneurs 26:34

Schwark’s take on block chain and crypto-currency 29:30

What interests Schwark 32:50

What excites Schwark 39:15