BJ Fogg

Tiny Habits and the search for truth

BJ Fogg is a shining light in the often murky field of behavioral science. His Stanford Lab was Ground Zero in the Facebook Platform explosion of 2007. He’s now pioneering the influential “Tiny Habits” training program that’s finding it’s way into popular culture. BJ has the soul of a scientist – an explorer seeking the truth, rather than selling a vision. Join us to learn about BJ’s fascinating backstory – plus find out how a near-miss plane crash led to BJ’s current creative obsession.

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About this episode

I talked with behavioral scientist BJ Fogg about his role in the Facebook boom of 2007, how he started his career and his training program, Tiny Habits. Listen and find out what gave BJ his start and what is next for him.

What BJ’s work life is like (2:00)

How BJ got started in his career( 4:47)

What BJ has learned about innovation over the years (11:21)

BJ tells a story about the importance of creating products that people already want (14:55)

BJ’s Facebook Class (17:45)

Facebook’s impact on world peace (22:55)

The most common mistakes BJ sees people make when bringing their idea to life (26:55)

Where the idea for Tiny habits came from (30:10)

How Tiny Habits has impacted BJ’s life (36:00)

What inspires BJ (38:50)

BJ’s superpower (40:25)

What’s next for BJ (44:20)