David Vogler

Making media on the cutting edge

I first met David Vogler during the early, heady days of the Web, when we worked together to craft Nickelodeon’s first online presence. David went on to lead creative teams at Disney, Hearst, NBC Universal, and other leading brands. He’s now the Head of Design for Complex Networks, a joint venture between Hearst and Verizon. David has a knack for creating innovative media experiences that still manage to connect with basic user needs. Listen in and discover how this long-time insider navigates the dynamic landscape of online video and big media brand-building.

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About this episode

David Vogler is a longtime digital media pioneer. Check out David’s amazing career arc – and his lessons learned launching major initiatives for Hulu, Nickelodeon, & Disney.

  • How David’s degree in communications design setup his entire career (3:14)
  • what it was like launching Nick Online – still a top online destination for kids (4:35)
  • Lessons learned from launching Disney Daily Blast (6:09)
  • How to resist the dark allure of “gratuitious creative shenanigans”  (7:28)
  • What launching Hulu.com taught him about listening to users and smart pivoting (10:02)