Bob Moesta Part 2

Bob Moesta: Innovation Rules

Bob Moesta is the CEO and President of the Re-Wired group, a consultancy specializing in demand-side innovation. Bob and his team help large companies innovate with demand-side techniques and learn methods – meaning that he helps them validate market demand before building something. Bob and I share a mutual love of using #jobs-to-be-done to innovate smarter and help people ask better questions. I love Bob’s down-to-earth perspective and deep insights into the systemic nature of innovation – derived from being on the front lines of innovation in Japan. Listen in and learn about the key qualities and habits that lead to successful innovations.

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About this episode

Part 2 of my conversation with Bob Moesta got into some fascinating and provocative territory – the place where religion overlaps with SoulCycle and Crossfit, and education is being rewired to perform 21st-century jobs.  It’s a wild ride! Listen in and find out: 

  • why it’s corporate insanity to manage innovation within 2-year budgets and 24-month goals (7:30)
  • How Bob’s impairment led to his pattern-matching super-powers (10:35)
  • Why high-performing teams need to abandon their ideas and embrace the unknown (15:32)
  • How his new book tackles the big question of designing a better education system (22:29)
  • Why Crossfit is competing with church-going by doing  “jobs” that church used to do (27:10)
  • .. and why going to Soulcycle is replacing confession (29:17)