Bob Moesta Part 1

Bob Moesta: From nothing to something

Bob Moesta is the CEO and President of the Re-Wired group, a consultancy specializing in demand-side innovation. Bob and his team help large companies innovate with demand-side techniques and learn methods – meaning that he helps them validate market demand before building something. Bob and I share a mutual love of using #jobs-to-be-done to innovate smarter and help people ask better questions. I love Bob’s down-to-earth perspective and deep insights into the systemic nature of innovation – derived from being on the front lines of innovation in Japan. Listen in and learn about the key qualities and habits that lead to successful innovations.

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About this episode

The Jobs-to-be-done world is filled with fascinating characters – and Bob Moesta is a particularly vivid one. I love his Japanese-influenced approach to customer demand generation and lean practices.  Check out these interview highlights for a peek into Bob’s brain:

  • 5:30 how a  childhood brain injury forced Bob to “hack school” and become an early maker and tinkerer
  • 7:30 how Bob became Peter Demming’s intern and tagged along on a life-changing trip to Japan 
  • 9:11 why asking great questions is more important than having answers
  • 10:04 supply-side economics vs demand-side economics – and why Bob is focused on demand-side marketing 
  • 11:03 “Let’s look at the consumer as a system and understand what causes them to change behavior”
  • 17:54 connecting the 5 whys technique to outcome-driven innovation
  • 18:42 systems with verbs (actions) vs systems with nouns (components)
  • 22:20 the evolution of an innovator – from features & benefits to #JTBD
  • 23:02Innovation is the responsibility of the producer, not the consumer” – Peter Demming
  • 24:40 how to interview people to surface #JTBD
  • 25:54 how much fidelity should you prototype take? 

If you’re curious about #JTBD this episode is not to be missed!